Brexit Heart in The Advertiser

An Independent Candidate’s Personal Story

One of the peculiarities of being a candidate for Parliamentary election is that people come and ask you for opinions. The Harrogate Advertiser asked me to supply 200 words to their newspaper for a feature on all the candidates standing for election. It will be published tomorrow, that is Thursday May 18th. Of course we all share opinions all the time, with friends and family. However generally we are not asked, we just give out opinions and hope for a conversation (be that face time or social). So below is what I wrote for our local paper and I hope it kick-starts some support!

I am pro-Brexit but not Conservative. Jones’ majority is 16,000+ and grows unless stopped. Flynn cannot prevent this. My path in life has been drug addiction, homelessness, psychiatric intervention and recovery.

I married Betty from Bolivia. Our non-EU marriage makes us a troublesome, expendable minority to The Liberal Democrats. We have a 15 year old son left behind in Bolivia. I say “Vote for me or I’ll move to Madrid” to pursue a family life.

Conservatives appointed my uncle Lord Advocate in 1989 and he was responsible for the conduct of the investigation into the Lockerbie bombing in Scotland. If elected to Parliament I would re-open it. Libya is a mess and reconstructing their national infrastructure an important priority to stabilise Europe. I stand for “Fair Movement, Not Free Movement.”

I am blessed with 5 brothers and sisters with growing social networks to call upon if I get into Parliament. If A. Jones were to spend another month of Sundays there he will do nothing but sit on the fence on Brexit. I offer the prospect of a regional Yorkshire Parliament in Harrogate under a new, courageous post-Brexit defence strategy. Brexit is safe with me and with no one else.

An Independent Candidate with a Personal Story

The above 200 words give the readership of “The Advertiser” a glimpse into something exceptional. I decided to be candid and honest about my past. Despite being told this or that, politics is not about being a superman or superwoman. It is about being prepared to give yourself in service to a number of goals. I feel strong enough and brave enough now to face my past. One goal is very personal, to reunite my stepson with his mum. Another goal is very big, to work for the 100% of this country who need to see and trust in democracy will work post-Brexit. There are a lot of over-polished messages or degraded viewpoints out there. I will avoid both and just be the bravest Brexit heart!



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