About Donald Fraser

Current Occupation

I run a digital marketing company which specialises in Latin American markets and a computer repair business. My I.T. business started as a hobby in 1999, involving a lot contact with community groups both in Harrogate and Leeds. I met my wife, Betty, as a consequence of my voluntary work with “Hola Leeds”, a Spanish-speaking community group set-up by the refugees from the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship in Chile.


I am largely self-educated, having made the decision to leave two highly regarded universities early on in my career (Trinity College, Cambridge and Bristol University). I was boarded at Rugby School in Warwickshire from the age of 13 and served as head of house. Prior to that I was a privately day schooled at Leeds Grammar School from the age of 7. I was born in Edinburgh and learnt a bit of Scots before my father moved us to Leeds to pursue his career as an E.N.T. surgeon. I have been living in Harrogate since 1992.


I like to keep fit being a member of a gym.


I attend church regularly on Sunday and I do not open emails on a Sunday. I also recommend others to keep the Sabbath special in this way.